Lemon Lasagna

Baking date: April 15, 2017

This year, mom and dad were again hosting Easter dinner. I offered to bring dessert and had planned on a chocolate lasagna that I have made before. It’s an egg-free recipe, which is important because my uncle is allergic to eggs. And everyone loves chocolate!

Days before Easter, my sister texted me to say that mom was on doctor’s orders that she should lay off chocolate for awhile. I had already purchased Oreos, mini-chocolate chips, chocolate pudding mix and whipped topping, so I headed to Pinterest to find alternative dessert lasagna recipes.

Lo and behold, Pinterest did not disappoint! I found a recipe for lemon lasagna, that used most of the same ingredients, with the exception of Lemon or Golden Oreos and lemon pudding mix.

Switching from chocolate to lemon was easy. I topped the dessert with lemon zest instead of lemon slices. Here’s the look from the top:


And here’s a view of a slice:


This dessert is not too lemony, even though I used the Lemon Oreos for the base layer — I was worried that might be overkill. It’s important let this chill long enough – I let it set overnight.

It’s a great light, lemony (and easy!) treat for Springtime!



Chocolate Shortbread Easter Cookies

Baking date: March 26, 2016

For Easter this year, we were invited to my mom and dad’s house for dinner. I was on dessert detail, of course.

I have an uncle who can not eat eggs, so desserts are always made with an eye toward something he can enjoy. I usually go with shortbread cookies, but wanted something a bit different this year.

I had found a recipe on Pinterest for chocolate shortbread cookies and wanted to decorate them with royal icing. But the problem with royal icing is the egg whites or meringue powder. So I found a recipe on Pinterest for non-egg white/meringue powder royal icing — I was set!  (Baker’s note: This version of royal icing takes a bit longer to set than if you use egg whites or meringue powder).

I used the Wilton Peeps cookie cutters to make the bunny cookies. They were topped with tinted royal icing (pink and violet). Once they were iced, I dipped the cookies in purple or pink sugar sprinkles. I added the eyes/noses with royal icing tinted black. Here are the bunnies:

All bunnie

This is what happens when you don’t know where the eyes and nose go at first (that pink bunny — oops!):

Bad bunny Good bunny

And here are the chicks, topped with royal icing tinted golden yellow and then dipped in yellow sugar sprinkles, with a dot of black tinted royal icing for the eye:

All Chicks

I used an egg-shaped cookie cutter for the Easter egg cookies, and decorated each one with a unique design using royal icing, sugar pearls, and sprinkles. I left some of the royal icing white, used the pink, purple, and yellow from the chicks and added neon green.

Here are all the decorated Easter egg cookies (royal icing is messy!):

All eggs

Here are the decorated cookies up close:

Eggs 1

Eggs 2

Eggs 3

Everyone liked that the sweetness of the royal icing was a great compliment to the chocolate shortbread.

So that leaves us with only one question left unanswered…which came first?

Chicken and egg light


Easter Basket Cupcakes (Almost)

Baking date: April 19, 2014

I was asked to bring dessert to the family gathering at Easter this year. I had seen a photo of a cupcake that I wanted to try. This was the inspiration photo I saw:

The inspiration cupcake

The inspiration cupcake

Unfortunately, I was unable to find the marshmallow rope. And not that I didn’t drag my family to four different locations on the Saturday afternoon before Easter looking for it. Notes to self: Start search for marshmallow rope well in advance of the day before Easter. And leave the husband and kids at home if you aren’t sure that you can find what you are looking for at the first craft/candy/grocery store where you stop to look. Reduces angst, frustration, and general grumpiness. For everyone.

Instead I bought some cow tails and Twizzlers, thinking one of the two would work. Unfortunately, both are too heavy to stay upright in the icing in a bent position, so I abandon the basket idea and went with just Jelly Belly jelly beans in grass.

I used the Wilton tip #233 to make the grass with dyed green vanilla icing the cupcakes and then added the Jelly Bellys on top of the icing. I also had some blue icing left over from another project, so when I ran out of green icing, I used the blue on the leftover cupcakes.

Happy Easter!

Easter Rainbow Cake and Chocolate Lasagna

Baking Date: March 30, 2013

We gathered this year for Easter at my mom and dad’s. Two of my three sisters were able to make it, along with my cousin and her parents. I was asked to bring dessert, so I decided on an Easter rainbow cake and a chocolate lasagna.

I modified the Easter rainbow cake from the original recipe. I didn’t have the time, patience or tastebuds for the coconut “grass”.  So I used this instruction method, starting with a yellow cake recipe. The second cake mix was white, which was dyed pink and purple using McCormick neon dyes.  I used yellow dye and the same pink and purple neon dyes for the frostings.

Easter rainbow cake

Easter rainbow cake

The cake was a hit. My niece Callie really enjoyed it:

Callie and Easter Rainbow Cake

Callie and Easter Rainbow Cake

Here’s what the inside looked like. Each time you make this cake, the inside looks unique.

Easter Rainbow Cake Inside

Easter Rainbow Cake Inside

Easter rainbow cake inside 2

Easter rainbow cake inside 2

I also made a chocolate lasagna. My uncle is allergic to eggs, so he was able to enjoy this instead of the cake.

Chocolate Lasagna

Chocolate Lasagna

Chocolate Lasagna inside

Chocolate Lasagna inside

Everyone enjoyed both dishes!

Hippity Hoppity

Baking Date: Easter 2011

I made this Easter bunny cake using two round 9″ pans.  The face is one cake.  The (entirely too large) bow tie is the other cake, with the edges carved off.  The edges became the ears.  It is decorated with vanilla frosting, Easter-colored M&Ms for the bow tie/eyes/nose, pink sugar sprinkles in the ears and sparkle gel frosting to outline the eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers.  The platter I used was barely big enough — the ears hung off the end.  I’m just so glad they didn’t break off due to lack of support.