LAX Hat Trick Celebration Cake

Baking date: April 29, 2017

When her older brother earned himself a lacrosse hat trick cake, Sami set her sights on a cake of her own. Just two weeks later, she earned it with her own hat trick.

I made a two-layer 9″ round one bowl chocolate cake, and topped it with canned white frosting. Around the base of the cake, I piped on leaf green dyed “grass” with a #234 tip. Around the top edge of the cake, I piped on green stars with a #13 open star tip and added large white sugar pearls in the center of each star.

Using black and yellow candy melts (her team colors), I added her name, accomplishment and date in letters and numbers.

I incorporated the hashtag her mom used on Facebook on the side of the cake in candy melt letters.

Facebook post

Congrats, Sami, on achieving your #ACakeOfHerOwn goal!

Sami with Cake



Hat Trick + 1 Lacrosse 5-layer Cake

Baking date: May 13, 2016

One of my younger son Nick’s lacrosse teammates Tanner accomplished a milestone – he had a hat trick during a game recently. For those not sports-literate, a hat trick is scoring three goals in a single game. Tanner actually scored 4 goals — so it was a hat trick, plus 1.

I had made Tanner’s older brother a cake for his game-saving interception during the high school football playoffs, that sent us to the semi-final round on the way to the state championship game.

Because the ball for lacrosse is just a round white ball, I didn’t think there was much creatively I could do with a cake. So I decided to do a five-layer cake and put some of the creativity on the inside.

Tanner’s mom said he liked vanilla cake, so I used a French vanilla cake mix. Whenever I used a box mix, I always add a tablespoon of vanilla (I “trick” I heard that makes it taste more homemade). I set aside some of the batter and dyed it royal blue. I swirled it into each cake layer:


For the messaging, I printed out the text, flipped over the paper and taped wax paper to it. I then used candy melts in yellow and royal blue (team colors). The yellow was used to make a stripe. The royal blue was then used by piping over the stripes and filling in the letters. After it had set, I used a knife to carefully cut the excess “stripes” from the letters and numbers.


The piping of the yellow stripes before adding the royal blue outline and filling.

I stacked all five layers with a bit of classic white frosting between each layer. Baker’s note: for a more stable stack, definitely level each layer. I didn’t do that, and it felt a little like the leaning tower of Pisa.

I frosted the top of the cake with the classic white, with a bit started down the side at the top. I then used vibrant green frosting to do the side of the cake. I tried to used the spatula to create a wave effect on the side of the cake.

Here’s the top of the cake, with the lettering:


Here’s a side view of the cake, to imitate a lacrosse ball in the grass. If I’d had more time, I might have tried to do something special incorporating a lacrosse stick (next time!).


Did Tanner like his surprise cake? Yes he did, and his brothers helped him enjoy it as well. In fact, they didn’t even wait for their mom to get home to dig in. She posted this picture to Facebook, which also gives a glimpse of the cake with the swirl incorporated:

Facebook post

Congrats Tanner for your prowess on offense!