Cheer Cupcakes

Baking date: October 20, 2017

This year, my son Alex was moved up to the varsity high school football team. He is one of only 4 sophomores and 1 freshman to be invited up. It’s exciting for him, but we know that he won’t see much playing time unless the team has a lead securely in hand.

It’s quite an accomplishment to be that close to the older kids, who made it to the state championship game in 2015 (lost 21-20), and in 2016, when they went 14-0 for the season and brought home the championship. This year, it was #NewTeamSameDream of heading back to the state championship game for a repeat.

I’ll spare you the suspense..our boys lost in the Regional Championship game. It was a close-fought game, against two powerhouses in the region.

But back to those cheer cupcakes…the cheerleaders had made yard signs for all the varsity players this year at the beginning of the season:


I thought that was a very nice gesture and wanted to do something for the cheer team. I asked for the team roster and set out making chocolate cupcakes with white frosting. But to amp up the offering a bit, I dipped the frosted cupcakes in blue sugar sprinkles, piped on the cheer names in golden yellow tinted frosting, and added candy melt hearts in royal blue and yellow. I made extra cupcakes with yellow frosting and added the blue sugar sprinkles. Some had the extra candy hearts (the mold makes 20) with some of the blue sugar sprinkles.

Here’s a look at the cheer cupcakes (coaches included!):


And here are all the cupcakes:


Thanks WHS Cheer!


And thanks to my friend Michelle, for capturing photos during my son’s Sophomore year on the varsity squad. I   and I ❤️ #54



High School Graduation Cupcakes

Baking date: July 14, 2017

Months ago, I had been commissioned to make to make cupcakes for a graduating high school senior whose younger brother plays baseball with my son Alex. The one potential wrinkle…I had surgery on May 31 to repair/rebuild a ruptured Achilles and remove a bone spur on my heal.

I would be off of my foot completely for 6 weeks, and then move to a boot/walker for 2 weeks. By the time of the party, I would be in the boot/walker phase of recovery and able to take on this task.

Easy-peasy, right?

Well, not so easy to begin walking on a foot in a boot when you’ve been off of it completely for 6 weeks. But I did manage not only the 36 cupcakes, a career stolen bases record cake, but also a cake celebrating the college he would be heading to.

The first thing I did was make a bunch of candy melts in the shape of medium- and large-size Lion paws, letters, numbers, and squares:


Then, it was on to the cupcakes.

The cupcakes were red velvet, at the request of the graduate. Given that I was just starting to walk, I used box mix for the cake instead of making it from scratch. As always, I add a tablespoon of vanilla when mixing to make it taste more homemade.

Because I had been asked to make 36 cupcakes, I had half of one box of batter leftover. I used that for one layer of a 9″ round cake to make his college-bound cake.

I started with blue and gold foil cupcake liners I found on Etsy (very pleased with this vendor’s service and the product I received), which are the colors for the Walkersville Lions. I topped the baked cupcakes with a swirl of cream cheese frosting — another confession — I used canned frosting (easier than making from scratch in my post-surgery state!). I then used blue and yellow sugar sprinkles on top.

But that wasn’t all! I made candy melt paws in royal blue and yellow to top some of the cupcakes. For others, I made square royal blue candy melts, and topped them with cream cheese icing dyed golden yellow, piped on with a #2 tip to from the tassels with a yellow mini-M&M in the center. I placed them on top of an inverted mini-Reese’s peanut butter cupBaker’s note: I bought a small tube of mini-M&Ms at the grocery check out line and had only 18 yellows, since the pack contains multiple candy shell colors. Also, if you are aware of any peanut allergies, you may have to forego the mini-Reese’s and just put the cap on top of the frosting.

Here are some of the cupcakes:


Congrats Josh – and all the best as you head to Frostburg this Fall!

Josh Graduate

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Cupcakes for Football Players

Baking date: October 24, 2014

My son Nick’s football team finished up their season with a bowl game this weekend. I usually make goodies at the end of the season for the team. Making them for every game like I do during baseball season, would kill me (too many kids on the team and fans to bake for!). I also take tons of pictures of both my boys’ teams and post them to private group pages on Facebook.

A mom’s work is never done, right?

This year, I made personalized cupcakes for the players and coaches. I also made general cupcakes with royal blue frosting for parents, siblings, and fans who came to the game to cheer the team on.

During the week, I had made candy melts in yellow with the players’ numbers, and for the coaches, their last name initial. I found the letters and numbers molds at AC Moore. I also made lion paw candy melts in the team colors yellow and blue. I kept them refrigerated during the week.

I started with a box Butter Golden cake mix from Duncan Hines. I used special cupcake liners with a football design.  Baker’s note: you only need to fill the cupcake liners about half full of this particular batter. It really rises.

For the frosting, I used canned vanilla, dyed royal blue. I swirled on the icing, adding the uniform number on one side and the lion paw on the other for the players. For the coaches, I added their last name initial with a lion paw candy melt.

Here are the results:

I gave them to the players and coaches after the game. The players loved it.

I also had cupcakes with an “L” for Lions piped in with yellow sparkle gel frosting for siblings, family, cheerleaders, and other fans who came to the game.

I also made a batch of Rolo-stuffed snickerdoodles cookies.  Like I said — there are a lot of people who come to the games and I wanted to make sure I was covered.  I even had 5 packs of Skittles in case there was anyone with an allergy.

Our boys won 16-6. Which made those cupcakes and cookies taste even sweeter!

Way to go Lions!

The 2014 D2 JV Lions Football Team

The 2014 D2 JV Lions Football Team



Football Helmet Birthday Cake

Baking Date: October 12, 2012

I was asked to make a birthday cake for one of my son Nick’s football teammates.  Andrew also plays baseball with my older son Alex, so we pretty much see his family year round.

On Thursday, Andrew’s dad saw me at the grocery store and asked if I could make him a birthday cake for Saturday.  We settled on a helmet-shaped cake since Andrew is the quarterback of the football team.  It was a butter cake decorated it in the team colors – royal blue and yellow-gold.  I piped on the royal blue/yellow-gold icing using a star tip #16 from Wilton.  The white is sparkle gel frosting.

Before I personalized it for Andrew, I posted the “generic helmet” picture on our local high school football Facebook fanpage.  It happened to be homecoming weekend and I thought the parents, players and students would like it.

Go Lions!

It was Andrew’s 10th birthday, but we all know it’s his jersey number that is most important.  I used star-shaped candy melts in yellow and piped on his jersey number (11) with sparkling gel frosting.  I added the “10” for his birthday in the small circle on the helmet.

Happy Birthday Andrew!


Football Helmet Sugar Cookies

Baking Date: October 15, 2010

During homecoming weekend 2010 for our local high school — the Walkersville Lions — our junior football program participated in the festivities. I decided to make a special treat for my son’s coaches, teammates and the cheerleaders for our Saturday game.  I took a Friday off and made football helmet cut-out sugar cookies.

I used refrigerated Pillsbury sugar cookie dough.

I iced the cookies with a powdered sugar/milk mixture in yellow. It should have been more gold than yellow, but I hadn’t discovered Wilton colorings yet.  I hand piped on each kids’ name and number, along with the stylized script Lions.  Here is the stylized script on the helmet (note that I created about 15 with the top of the “L” facing the wrong way before I realized I had done that — and had to correct them.  ARGH!):

Lions script on helmet – my kid #78 and his friend Elias #31 on the offensive line

The 70+ cookies, iced in yellow and waiting for the royal blue piping to begin:

The finished products — hand piped letters using a sandwich bag with the corner cut out.  I have since purchased a set of Wilton icing tips.  Some look better than others — I’ve gotten better at piping since this first attempt.

Post script:  After the game where I had distributed the cookies, I received this e-mail:  “Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into the cookies you have provided the Coaches and Players.  Not only do  they look Great but they taste phenomenal!!!!!!  Ian appreciated his so much, I couldn’t get him to eat it.  He gingerly put his in a tupperware bowl, sealed it with tape, and promptly put it in the freezer upon our arrival home. He did, however, munch on mine  (which incidentally didn’t make it out of the parking lot before I had to split it with him).  Once again, Thank you for your efforts.” 

And that, folks, is why I love to bake.