Shirley Temple Cake

Baking date: August 18, August 19 and August 27, 2017

They say the third time’s the charm, right? Well, after my attempts at a Shirley Temple bundt cake, I’d have to say I agree. What it really comes down to is I’ve always avoided sprinkling the pan with flour after I use baking spray. But after trying this cake three times (and finally getting it almost perfect!), I know that’s an important step in the baking process.

Attempt #1: The first time I made the cake, it was for a friend who moved into a new house. There were big chunks out of the side and I only reserved 4 cherries, which didn’t cover all the holes I made to pour the reserved maraschino cherry juice into. I also drizzled the glaze while it was on the cake plate and that was a huge mess to wipe up.IMG_0598


Not very pretty, but evidently very tasty because her daughters and niece enjoyed it:



I decided to try again for a family gathering we were having that Sunday. This time, I iced it on a rack with wax paper underneath. Clean up was much easier, but I still had the issue with parts of the cake sticking to the pan. And it is so much batter that it climbed over the top too far, so the base was a mess when it was turned out of the pan:


Determined to make this an attractive cake, I tried a third time. This cake was going to a family that had made one of the dinners after my Achilles surgery. I had the pan they delivered the calzones on for two months. I felt so guilty about returning the pan after so long, that I couldn’t return it empty. Plus, their son who plays on my oldest son’s baseball team loves Shirley Temples.

For this third attempt, I got a larger jar of cherries. I cut the cherries that would be stirred into the batter in half, and drained them. I poked 8 holes in the top and rather than putting a full cherry on top of it, I halved 4 of the best looking cherries and put them over the holes. I also didn’t pour all of the batter into the bundt pan — only filled it about 2/3 full. I put the remainder of the batter into a rectangular cake pan.

And most importantly, I floured the bundt pan after I sprayed it. ┬áThis time, there was only one small spot that didn’t release:

And one very small spot on the inner part of the cake:


Here’s the cake with the glaze drizzled and the cherries on top:




Here are both cakes on the sheet pan I was returning:


Of course, a full returned dish is always appreciated:

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And the third time did turn out to be the charm.